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About company

Production and Commercial Company “INSSTAL” LLC began its activity in 2004. In 12 years, our company has turned into a company with a powerful production base of 30,000 sq.m., producing zinc powders and zinc alloys, with a staff of more than 100 people.

Our products

PKF INSSTAL LLC is a new high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sale of InstZn high-dispersion zinc powder, PCR atomized zinc powders, zinc alloys ZnAl4A, ZnAl4Cu3A, ZnAl4Cu1A, TsAM4-1, TsA4.

Our main products include high-dispersion zinc powder (InstZn), whose particle size ranges from 0 to 20 µm, atomized zinc powder (PCR).

Zinc powder brand InstZn

Цинковый порошок InstZn

We produce high-dispersion zinc powder of InstZn brand, similar to zinc powders imported from Belgium, Germany, South Africa, South Korea.

Our powder is higher than European analogues in quality. The shape of the powder particles is round.

Zinc powder grade ПЦР

Цинковый порошок ПЦР

Since 2012, we have launched our own production of zinc powder grades PCR0, PCR1, PCR2, PCR4, PCR6.

Zinc powder is produced according to the specification, is distinguished by the high quality of the raw materials used and the strict control of the technological process.

Zinc price dynamics (LME)

The London Metal Exchange is the world's largest trading center for non-ferrous metals.

Applications of Zinc Powder

As a key raw material for the production of zinc rich anti-corrosion coatings, zinc powder products are widely used for galvanizing large steel structures (such as steel structures, shipbuilding services, bridges and pipelines), as well as ships and containers that cannot be hot dip galvanized. and galvanization.

INSSTAL’s zinc powder products for zinc rich anti-corrosion coatings can be used in the production of zinc rich epoxy coatings and especially zinc rich water soluble inorganic coatings due to their high dispersion properties, low sedimentation and lack of flocculation.

Due to its use as one of the main raw materials, the coating shows a dense and smooth surface with a thin continuous lacquer layer, high covering power, strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

Zinc powder products are increasingly being used as diffuse anti-corrosion coatings for galvanizing small steel structures such as prefabricated steel components, bolts, screws and guide pins.

Designed for diffuse coating (sherardization), zinc powder of PKF INSSTAL LLC with a uniform particle size has exceptionally high adaptability and reaction with penetrating substances.

When such a coating is applied to mechanically galvanized and sherardized steel structures, it has a moderate thickness and a smooth, strong and shiny surface, which provides resistance to corrosion of the diffuse coating of structures, as well as the performance of the structure and installation of diffusion structures, which can be affected by its thickness.

Substances from zinc powder are also used in the production of chemical products, such as rongalite, dye intermediates, polymer additives, sodium bisulfite and lithopone, acting mainly in the process of catalysis, reduction and formation of hydrogen ions.

Consumers who require zinc powder to exhibit different properties in different applications receive zinc powder produced by PKF INSSTAL LLC for the chemical industry, showing stable standard level performance, moderate flow rate and high efficiency of chemical reactions, low sedimentation and low consumption of substance .

Zinc powder substances are often used in the processing of non-ferrous metals such as zinc, gold, silver, indium, platinum, etc., being involved in reduction and replacement reactions and in the removal of impurities.

According to the different characteristics of various non-ferrous metals and the special processes for their production, the parameters of zinc powder of PKF “INSSTAL” LLC for the metallurgical industry, such as chemical components and particle size, are adapted to various non-ferrous metal reduction processes, providing a moderate reduction and replacement reaction, low consumption, intensity removal of impurities and a high degree of purity of the final substance.

In the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries, zinc dust has long been used in the manufacture of drug intermediates and pesticides, in the catalysis process for the synthesis of organic compounds and the formation of hydrogen bonds.

According to the characteristics of the production process of the pharmaceutical industry and the production of pesticides, and in accordance with the requirements of health and environmental safety, the zinc dust of PKF INSTAL LLC for the production of medicines and pesticides is produced with strict compliance with the requirements for chemical constituents and particle size, showing a high zinc content and low – harmful substances (such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and iron).

It has a moderate chemical reaction rate, strong catalytic action, low material consumption and reduced impurities.

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Our production

Цинковый порошок InstZn

Product range

Since 2012, our company has launched its own production of atomized zinc powder grades PCR0, PCR1, PCR2, PCR4, PCR6, PCVD. Since July 2015, we have been producing InstZn high-dispersion powder. Alloy grades: ZnA1Cu, TsA4, ZnA14Cu3A, TsAM4-1, TsA8M.

Производственная линия

New production line

In July 2015, a new production line was launched, producing a powder that is unique for Russia and has no analogues in Russia (produced only abroad). This is a symbiosis of modern foreign technologies and our production solutions. The powder is made from the highest quality zinc (CVO), manufactured at the Chelyabinsk zinc plant, has a smooth spherical shape ranging in size from 1 to 20 microns.

Современная лаборатория

Modern laboratory

Our company has a modern laboratory with the latest equipment, which allows us to ensure quality control and the development of new products at the highest level. These are such devices as atomic spectrometer, emission spectrometer, granulometer (microsizer).



Our company makes a great contribution to environmental protection by complying with all environmental standards and requirements. Our production facilities are equipped with the most modern cleaning systems.

We produce up to 10,000 tons of zinc powder per year

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Fast shipping

Our company has its own fleet of vehicles and provides fast delivery of zinc powder and zinc alloys in Russia, the CIS and around the world

Permanent availability

Products are constantly available in warehouses in Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Own laboratory

The Emission Spectrum Analysis Laboratory carefully monitors the quality of incoming raw materials for production and products


The company complies with all environmental standards and requirements. Our production facilities are equipped with the most modern cleaning systems.

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