Thermal diffusion zinc plating from a zinc powder manufacturer

Full compliance GOST Р 9.316-2006

Coating according to any class, according to GOST R 9.316-2006 and higher

Environmentally friendly production
(without activators and other additives)

Affordable price, directly from the manufacturer

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According to research, at least ten percent of the metal becomes unusable.

It is important for the metal to be protected from corrosion, which brings enormous losses all over the world. Indeed, according to studies, at least ten percent of the metal becomes unusable precisely because of it. Many methods have been developed to prevent such a destructive process. Most of them come down to blocking the access of the oxidizing medium to the metal surface.

Areas of use

  • Rebar coating for the gas and oil industries;

  • Road sector – metal structures for fencing bridges and road surfaces;

  • Construction industry and pipe networks – galvanizing of fastening fittings and structural elements;

  • Furniture industry – fittings processing;

  • Railway communications – connecting elements and fasteners of the railway track;

  • Spare parts for cars and public transport;

  • Energy industry – processing of structural components of power transmission lines.

Find out prices and terms of cooperation​

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